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AdSimulo is a revolutionary lift traffic analysis and simulation application for architects, lift (elevator) designers and consultants. Based on the latest simulation algorithms, AdSimulo provides accurate lift passenger traffic predictions for a wide range of building types. But it is not only an intelligent traffic analyser… with our unique Expert System it can quickly analyse thousands of hours of simulations to provide the optimal lift design solution for your needs. AdSimulo delivers its output in the form of comprehensive, automatically-generated reports, lift design BIM files (IFC format) and even a complete lift passenger traffic visualisation.

Online Design Application

Our new application with expert system, visualisation and BIM output is quite revolutionary in that it enables the design of vertical transportation for most buildings within minutes, outputting reports on performance, a visualisation of the elevators in use and generating an industry standard generic IFC output file of the lifts ready to be inserted into the overall building BIM. AdSimulo has no directly comparable application and is a world leading lift design tool that has taken over six years to develop.

Expert System

With our Expert System you can quickly and easily get to those Optimal Elevatoring solutions. As a minimum you simply need to set up the building tenancy type, number of floors and building population. You can also input the value of each square metre of building space and the preferred arrangement for groups of elevators. Then simply click on “simulate” and wait for the results. Other factors like choice of traffic control system, variations in population at each floor, multiple entry floors and other unique aspects of the building design can also be taken account of.

Expert System


The unique visualisation system allows you to observe the movements of passengers and lift cars in your building using an advanced 3D game-like environment. It may strongly influence the decision making process as it provides highly visual content to illustrate the performance of the lift services. For example, by introducing colour coding of the intending passengers based upon their waiting times, an instant visual cue is provided that allows the user to easily spot queues of lift users with excessive waiting times.

Automated Reporting

Comprehensive reports on the performance of solutions are available on-line and easily downloaded.
Currently, 17 different types of reports can be browsed on-line – complete with coloured diagrams and detailed numerical data. Users are able to modify and edit the page headers and footers to include their own organisation name and logo etc.

BIM Output

With AdSimulo, building designers and architects can download an industry standard Building Information Model (BIM) IFC file ready to be inserted into the overall building BIM. It contains all the essential 3D structure of the lift shafts, lift pits, machine rooms and lift lobbies as well as more than 20 key generic components of the lift system. This output model is automatically derived from the specification of the lift system which can be either selected by the user or derived from use of the Expert System.




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