The Chinese lift industry suffers from a lack of established criteria, standards or building code for lift performance and configuration. Professor Zhu Dewen, a leading Chinese expert in lift traffic, notes: “when lift manufacturers, installation teams or maintenance providers were asked what the lift performance efficiency was, none of them could give an answer”. There are some regulations in China but only for low rise residential buildings and even those are very basic and largely outdated. Chinese architects therefore often end up being forced to work directly with lift manufacturers to perform lift traffic analysis and design especially for high rise buildings. This means that they often become forced to use a specific manufacturer even at an early stage of building design because the solution provided is often not a generic one that all manufacturers can supply.

We believe the introduction of British Lift Performance criteria to the lift industry in China would not only be beneficial because of the lack of published domestic guidance in this area but could also contribute towards the creation of China’s own guidance for high rise building lift performance.

AdSimulo, as a lift traffic analysis and simulation tool, has the potential to revolutionise the way in which Chinese architects and building designers operate because it allows them to produce, very easily and quickly, lift design solutions that are generic i.e. suitable for all manufacturers.

Adsimulo’s “expert system” enables solutions to be found that are not only compliant with British and Hong Kong codes of practice e.g. CIBSE Guide D, but also ensures that the solutions are optimal in terms of lift performance and minimum building space take. It enables the design of vertical transportation for most buildings within minutes, outputting reports on performance, a visualisation of the elevators in use and generating an industry standard generic IFC output file of the lifts ready to be inserted into the overall building BIM. AdSimulo has no directly comparable competing application and is a world leading lift design tool that has taken over six years to develop.

The article: “An introduction of British Lift Performance Criteria and a Design Software of Adsimulo” was published in Chinese Elevator magazine Vol. 29, No 06,  15-03-2018

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