Movvéo Lift Consultants, having completed the lift designs for many of the iconic buildings now on London’s skyline such as the Shard, HSBC HQ, Heron Bishopsgate Tower and the Broadgate Tower are continuing to apply their expertise and experience to several new towers planned for London.

Adrian Godwin, Movvéo’s Chairman, commented “Knowing the value of every square metre of rentable space in the City of London is now worth more than £20,000 means that we have to really minimise the footprint lift shafts take in these buildings. That’s why we use Adsimulo to ensure we have found the “optimal” solutions for “elevatoring” towers in London and, indeed, around the world.  We know the solutions will stand up to scrutiny if they are peer reviewed. Adsimulo combined with the experience and expertise of our consultants ensures our clients get the best possible “elevatoring” solutions for their buildings. All in all it means we are able to continue to add significant value to the lift design process.”

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