Elevator/Lift Bim Models Output

With AdSimulo, building designers and architects can download an industry standard Building Information Model (BIM) IFC file ready to be inserted into the overall building BIM. It contains all the essential 3D structure of the lift shafts, lift pits, machine rooms and lift lobbies as well as more than 20 key generic components of the lift system. This output model is automatically derived from the specification of the lift system which can be either selected by the user or derived from use of the Expert System.

The BIM output file can be downloaded with a single click, directly from the AdSimulo application. Whether the equipment has been designed with a conventional machine room or is an MRL (machine room less) design all the dimensions provided will accommodate the equipment supplied by all the major manufacturers (see below). Because the information is generic the building designer will not suffer from problems often caused by the acceptance of so-called “commercial dimensions” from one manufacturer that might preclude offers from other manufacturers due to restrictions on dimensions of shaft sizes etc.

Suppliers’ Dimensions

Adsimulo covers the product ranges from the following companies:

  • Machine Room Less Lifts:
    • Kone – Mono 500, 700 and Goods
    • Mitsubishi – Nexiez
    • Otis – GeN2 630 – 1000kg and 1275 – 2000kg
    • Schindler – 3300 and 5500 ranges
    • Thyssen – Synergy Element, S1 and Blue as well as Evolution Flexible and Blue
  • Machine Room Lifts:
    • Kone – Minispace
    • Mitsubishi – Nexway
    • Otis – Skyway series
    • Schindler – 7000 series
  • Double Deck Lifts:
    • Kone – 3.5m/s up to and including 10.0m/s
    • Schindler – 3.0m/s up to and including 10.0m/s
    • Thyssen – 2.5m/s up to and including 10.0m/s

The file generated is exportable by applying IFC – the Industry Foundation Class, a file format that is now a well established standard, based on the latest BuildingSmart (formerly: IAI: International Alliance for Interoperability) IFC 2×3 and 4 data exchange standard, registered by ISO as an official International Standard ISO 16739:2013.  This is a platform neutral, open specification for BIM, compatible with all well-known BIM software used by architects and building designers such as Revit 2015 and all popular viewers (DDS CAD Viewer 8.0, Solibri Viewer 9.5, Tekla BIMSight).


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