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Our new application with expert system, visualisation and BIM output is quite revolutionary in that it enables the design of vertical transportation for most buildings within minutes, outputting reports on performance, a visualisation of the elevators in use and generating an industry standard generic IFC output file of the lifts ready to be inserted into the overall building BIM. AdSimulo has no directly comparable application and is a world leading lift design tool that has taken over six years to develop.

How do you ascertain the optimum solution to the design of the vertical transportation for your building?

The optimum solution usually implies the solution that meets the agreed traffic design criteria yet takes the least amount of space from the building thereby maximising the remaining area available to sell or rent. Adsimulo provides the optimum solution and many others automatically and with the minimum of input data.

Largely removing the need for specialist knowledge resident within either lift companies or firms of independent consultants, Adsimulo makes this design expertise available to all.

No specialist knowledge is required of the building designer since the process to obtain the optimum solution for the vertical transportation for any given building is totally intuitive.

The user can download reports confirming the traffic performance of the solution selected as well as a generic BIM output model to place within the overall building BIM that will suit all suppliers’ dimensions and enable the lift equipment to be purchased competitively.

AdSimulo application is well prepared for international use: it is currently available, apart from English, in five language versions (Chinese, French, German Russian and Spanish) — and more to be added soon.


AdSimulo is a web application based on client-server architecture. Users log into the system and manage simulation projects through a web browser. Connection is encrypted using industry standard SSL technology (Secure Socket Layer) and all data is sent over the https protocol. All project data is stored in our dedicated database servers, secured with state-of-the-art firewalls and backed up on a daily basis.

All simulations are processed on a cluster of our dedicated servers, based on elastic, scalable on-demand cloud computing architecture that guarantees availability of processing power to you – regardless of the size of your project and the overall demand. Our multi-core and multi-processor servers equipped with high performance Xeon processors provide an efficient and flexible environment in which each simulation utilises multiple parallel processes, so that all iterations of the same simulation are carried out simultaneously. As a result we have achieved the fastest simulations in the lift industry – which is particularly important for our unique Expert System, where quite often hundreds of sub-simulations have to be run before the best solution is found.

Our dedicated Reporting Servers (separate from the Simulation Servers to ensure smooth operation) enable reports to be generated close to instantaneously containing in depth analysis of simulation results. Complete reports containing thorough analysis can be downloaded in .doc format.

Another cluster of dedicated Graphics Servers, equipped with high performance GPU (Graphics Processing Units) render and stream 3d visualisation of the movement of passengers and lifts in the building in real time.


AdSimulo harnesses the latest advances in hardware and software to minimise processing time and provide a simple, intuitive, easy to navigate user interface – with complete design capability. It is also multi-lingual, and the range of available languages is being continuously extended. With our unique Expert System and a range of available outputs – automated reports providing comprehensive in-depth analysis of simulation results (in Word format), generic BIM output compatible with Revit 2015, and real-time visualisation video footage – you simply won’t want to go back to any other software tool – whether you are an Architect, a Building Designer, or a MEP/Lift Consultant.

The application covers all building types, all lift types (including all control system types) and all traffic types. Comprehensive Tutorials and Case Studies are provided to facilitate learning. If you still have any problems, our  Support team will be happy to assist.

Set out below is a general comparison of features between AdSimulo and Elevate™ which is the lift simulation software sold by Peters Research Ltd from the UK.




Lift Simulation

Graphical Output

"Expert" System

BIM Output

Solution Visualisation

Automated Reporting


Intuitive User Interface

Software and Hardware Requirements

AdSimulo will run with any modern web browser compatible with HTML 5, for example Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher), Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari (version 3.1 or higher). For best results, always use the latest version of your browser. Internet connection with at least 512kbps capacity is recommended to watch the online video footage, for all other system functions most standard connection speeds will be sufficient.

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