Lift/Elevator Traffic 3D Visualisation

The unique lift/elevator traffic visualisation system allows you to observe the movements of passengers and lift cars in your building using an advanced 3D game-like environment. It may strongly influence the decision making process as it provides highly visual content to illustrate the performance of the lift services. For example, by introducing colour coding of the intending passengers based upon their waiting times, an instant visual cue is provided that allows the user to easily spot queues of lift users with excessive waiting times.

The visualisation system renders the building structure and populates it with 3D animated human characters. They are driven directly from the simulation results. To achieve the proper ‘look and feel’ a normal human-like behaviour is reconstructed, or simulated, automatically.

Users can quickly choose between typical scenarios, such as up peak traffic, and other parameters, such as start and duration time, and then watch streamed video directly from within the on-line AdSimulo application. Alternatively, the visual simulation can also be downloaded and recorded as a video file.

A video embedded in the top of this page is a clip of the up peak traffic scenario with all passengers arriving at the main lobby. The virtual passengers change colour from green to yellow and finally to red depending on their waiting time. The visualisation tool enables the user to fly through the building observing lobbies and even travelling with passengers within the cars themselves. Because AdSimulo has the unique capability to view the entire building elevator traffic in operation simultaneously it makes for a great analytical tool to pinpoint “hot spots” where there might be excessive queues or extended waiting times in all types of traffic situations.

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