Expert System – Case Study Hotel


A new boutique city centre hotel is to be constructed for the Boutique Hotel Co. in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

A brief has been given as follows.

  • The hotel is to be 4* equivalent with a 2-way peak 5-minute lift traffic design criteria of 12% handling capacity and average interval not to exceed 45s.
  • The operator has specified that room occupancy should be assumed at 1.3 persons per room.
  • There are 23 room floors above the main lobby where restaurant all other guest facilities are situated. Typical floor to floor distance will be 3.6m.
  • Each upper floor will consist of 14 standard rooms. Total room count = 322 rooms.
  • Each floor will therefore have a maximum population of 14 x 1.3 = 18.2 persons (say 18).
  • Total hotel guest population = 23 floors x 18 persons per floor = 414 persons.
  • The hotel operator does not want to use a lift capacity less than 1275kg for luggage handling and aesthetic reasons. Guest lifts should also have centre opening doors of minimum 1100mm width. A minimum door height of 2300m is required with a clear height to the underside of the ceiling inside the car of 2400mm.
  • Service lifts must accommodate a stretcher. Minimum of two are to be provided of 2000kg capacity. Service lift numbers to be 50 to 75% of guest lift numbers. A minimum clear entrance width of 1300mm is required with 2400mm high doors and 2600mm clear internal height.

Let’s now use Adsimulo to find lift design solutions…

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