The Point - Luxury Residental Tower, Paris


A new luxury residential tower is to be constructed in the 14th district in Paris for the Grand Land Co. called “The Point”. A brief has been given as follows.

  • The residential tower will be a luxury residential development with typical inter-floor distance of 3.6m. The client wants the lift car capacities to be not less than 1275kg to give a feeling of luxury.
  • There will be 42 floors with the same apartment layout on each floor. Each floor will contain two 3 bedroom apartments, four 2 bedroom apartments and three 1 bedroom apartments.
  • The typical traffic performance criteria for luxury residential is agreed with the need to deliver 8% 5-minute handling capacity in 2-way traffic with an Average Interval < 45 seconds.
  • Based on luxury occupancy the typical floor population can be calculated as follows:
    • 2 x 3 bedroom apartments = 6 persons
    • 4 x 2 bedroom apartments = 8 persons
    • 3 x 1 bedroom apartments = 4.5 persons
    • Total 19 persons per floor and with 42 floors overall working population of building = 798 persons.
  • By local regulations every floor must have access to a lift that can accommodate a stretcher with a minimum car depth of 2200mm.

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