Service CO. HQ, Birmingham, UK


A new office building is to be constructed as the headquarters for the Service Co. in Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom. A brief has been given as follows. The building will be completely occupied by the Service Co. and its staff. There will be 16 floors above the ground floor. Typical floor to floor distance will be 4.0m. Each upper floor will consist of 900 sq m of net internal space occupied at up to 1 person per 10 sq m. giving a notional population of up to 90 persons per floor.

In order to arrive at a “working population” a discount for absentees of 20% will be applied giving a “working population” for lift design of 72 persons per floor or 1,152 persons in the building. The building is a single tenant occupancy and therefore a target 15% 5-minute handling capacity is to be used as well as an Average Waiting Time of less than 25 seconds.

The architect does not want to use a lift capacity less than 1275kg for aesthetic reasons. There is likely to be a significant number of lifts required and, given the number of floors to be served, a “destination hall call” control system would seem appropriate…

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