We are pleased to announce that following various upgrades to the Adsimulo application from which building designers and architects can “download” a generic Building Information Model (BIM) for the vertical transportation elements of their building we can confirm that our output BIM files are fully compatible with Autodesk’s REVIT 2016.

The “building block” information contained in our output BIM file includes all the essential 3D structure of the lift shafts, lift pits, machine rooms and lift lobbies as well as more than 20 key generic components of the lift system. The file generated is exportable by applying IFC – the Industry Foundation Class (IfcWiki, 2009), a file format that is now a well established standard, based on the latest International Alliance for Interoperability (IAI) IFC 2×3 data exchange standard, compliant with ISO-10303-21. This is compatible with all well-known BIM software used by architects and building designers including Revit etc.

The output model is automatically derived from the specification of the lift system which can be either selected by the user or derived from the use of our new “Expert System” application within our on-line application. Most of the parameters can also be exposed for further manual tuning. Once the final structure of the lifts, shafts and lobbies is decided, the information model may be simply “downloaded” over the internet and imported directly into their own BIM of the building.